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About us

We transform ordinary managers into extraordinary leaders.

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Our story

We've spent two decades focused on the details of leading teams - how to inspire, how to challenge, and how to build culture. 

The Becoming a Best Boss System started when Thomas discovered he was a jerk boss. And he never intended to be -- he thought he was good.

Once he faced reality, his choices were, [a] get himself out of management forever; [b] resign himself to being a jerk boss; or [c] learn to be a great boss.

Thomas spent the next nine years obsessed with finding the best guidance possible on how to lead others. He waded through the 95% of leadership guidance that's wrong, toxic, mistaken, overly narrow, or "True But Useless." He only kept what worked for him and his clients.

In 2014 Thomas created a system that integrates the most useful and actionable guidance from dozens of the world's greatest leadership and management thinkers and writers, from Peter Drucker to Mark Horstman to Edgar Schein to Amy Edmondson.

Our values

Effective: We only share tools, techniques, and models that are time tested and proven, and we teach them interactively and experientially. We value what works.

Empowering: We work with current and aspiring leaders whose ambition is to serve their teams and who want to help develop each of their team members to actualize their potential. We value servant leadership.

Disciplined and Methodical: We don't settle for what works in the short term, or what works unconsciously, or what works for just one person. We value reliable process that produce repeatable results.

Creative: We believe roadblocks inspire countermeasures, that every thesis and antithesis call out for synthesis, and that human ingenuity and growth is limitless. We value treating obstacles as stepping stones.

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Our history

Thomas was a high functioning technologist for Oracle and IBM who knew he lacked people skills. Once he plateaued technically, he became a student at the school of people skills, and most specifically, leadership skills.

More than twenty years later, he's a recognized master of the art of leading teams. He teaches CEOs (and those who want to become CEOs) everything he knows via 1:1 coaching and small group, experiential learning.