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Becoming a Best Boss

Learn to drive results and retention, and teach your subordinate managers how to do the same.

Built with the manager of managers in mind

It's not enough that you're a great boss. You have to lead your managers so that they are too.

Holistic Approach to Leadership Training

The Becoming a Best Boss System provides a comprehensive approach to leadership development, which is especially important for those managing a team of managers. The system covers technical skills, emotional mastery, and mindset tricks that will help the leader who is very different from some of their subordinates.

Improves both Results and Retention

The Becoming a Best Boss System is entirely focused on achieving two complementary outcomes: improved results, and the retention of the best people. You'll be able to do this AND show your subordinate managers how to do it too.

Demonstrated Success

The Becoming a Best Boss System has been proven to produce results in a variety of organizational settings. Directors who use this system have reported improved relationships with their teams, increased engagement, and higher levels of productivity. 

Why Pick Thomas as Your Coach

I'm Thomas Cox. You might need me if you're a left-brained type leader—technical, analytical—and you stumble with the softer parts of leadership, the kind that demands feeling and intuition. I began as a business analyst, a database architect, and when I moved into leadership I became a jerk boss.

But I learned empathy. I combed through most leadership writings, and I found the tiny amount that works. I've spent twenty years refining this collection of working wisdom into a complete system.

Now, I can guide someone technical, a lawyer, doctor, scientist, or analyst, who wants to lead. Especially those managing other managers, because that's an even greater challenge.

If you're serious about getting results, we should talk.

See what people are saying

Some of our scores of testimonials from happy clients and students.

"Performance is up, engagement is up, and the team is more productive and happy. Best leadership training money we've ever spent ... nothing short of astounding."
Amelia round headshot
Amelia Powers-Gardner
Commissioner, Utah County, Utah
Thomas worked with me personally to help identify my strengths and weaknesses. The information he found was a little eye-opening, [and] very useful in my development.

If you're looking to grow your company or grow as a manager/owner, give Tom a call.
Nate Parr headshot
Nate Parr
Partner, Fish Marketing
"Working with Thomas has been a game-changer for my business. He provided the tools and training I needed. He truly is the smartest guy in the room and I would not be where I am today without his help."
trow trowbridge headshot
Trow Trowbridge, CEO and owner, Brightline Strategies

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