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Built with the Manager of Managers in mind

You need yourself and your subordinate managers to be awesome leaders. We show you how to make that happen.

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Results You Get

Front-line managers who lead effectively - who build strong working relationships, confront problems head-on, keep everyone focused, and retain great staff.

Middle managers who coach and mentor the front-line managers, building their skills and preparing them for more responsibility.

Senior leaders who are free to take a long-term strategic view, supported by teams who implement the strategy and handle the work -- without asking for micromanagement from above.

An organization where people take ownership of results and build a great culture.

Accessible and Personalized

With the Best Boss System you're getting live instruction and coaching, augmented with text and recordings. Every lesson gets applied, by you, in your workplace, every week. You'll see results immediately. 

You won't be left wondering how to adapt some generic suggestion to your unique circumstances -- we adapt everything with you.

And when you stumble and struggle a bit (and everyone does -- that's part of learning), we'll be there to help you get to the other side, successfully.

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World Class Wisdom

We've curated time-tested and proven content from the world's wisest experts in all aspects of leading teams, across two decades of relentless research and testing.

We've also weeded out the snake oil peddled by charlatans -- the plausible-looking but ultimately useless or counterproductive content that bedevils managers worldwide.

Ever been disappointed by some whiz-bang course making big promises that flopped? You won't get that here.

Overview of the Best Boss System

How We Transform Managers Into Leaders

Each skill in the entire Best Boss System is taught via modules. You'll only get the modules you need -- no busy work; no learning things you already know. We analyze your situation and sequence the modules for maximum immediate impact.

Each module contains some reading, a set of lectures, a bit of homework, and interactive exercises and discussions.

When taught 1:1, the discussions are with your coach. When taught in groups, the discussions are among the students, with one of our expert coaches facilitating the dialog.

As a student, you'll work on materials drawn from your own work, not on abstract cases. So, the work of learning is always relevant and helps you do your job even better, immediately.

Level 1: Effectiveness ("Know Thyself")

Result: every manager shows up on time, prepared, and motivated.

You'll achieve a higher level of self-awareness and self-mastery. We provide these modules as needed:

  • Set Powerful Goals that Motivate You
  • Clarify Your Values, Purpose, and Organizational Fit
  • Journal for Self-Awareness and Growth
  • Master Time and Task Management for Personal Accountability
  • Grow Your Willpower
  • Become Even More Coachable
  • Step Up to a 360-Degree Evaluation
Level 2: Empathy ("Grow Thyself")

Result: every manager shows up as an empathic, effective teammate and coworker.

You'll increase your EQ, grit, and ability to demonstrate empathy. You'll learn how to build a sense of trustworthiness in the eyes of others across cultures. We provide these modules as needed:

  • Develop Your Empathy
  • Learn Constructive Conflict
  • Escape the Drama Triangle via Positive Intelligence
  • Use Nonviolent Communication
  • Build Trust with Others, Methodically
  • Grow Your Grit and Resilience
Level 3: Engagement ("Team Loyalty")

Result: every manager is trained and capable of creating a harmonious team with high morale, retention, and engagement.

You'll learn how to create team harmony, build solid relationships with each of your direct reports, and create a culture of psychological safety and inclusion. We provide these modules as needed:

  • Develop a Detailed Understanding of All Players on Your Team
  • Build Belongingness, Culture, and Psychological Safety
  • Network like a Senior Executive
  • Set Team Norms
  • Establish a Peer-Based Conflict Resolution Process
Level 4: Excellence ("Drive Results")

Result: every manager is trained and capable of delivering results for the organization, increasing those results over time.

You'll grow your ability to hold your team to high standards, inspire them to go above and beyond, manage their performance, and confront problems. We provide these modules as needed:

  • Set a Compelling Vision
  • Coach and Develop Each Player on Your Team
  • Provide Feedback that Works
  • Design Winning Job Roles
  • Hold High-Performance Meetings
  • Manage Performance Proactively
  • Confront Problems Constructively
  • Delegate Powerfully

Professional Leadership Development Coaching and Training Packages

We offer these packages for qualifying firms and individuals.

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1:1 Executive Coaching

  • Personalized guidance and support tailored to individual challenges and goals.

  • Modules from the Best Boss System are delivered as needed, focusing on self-awareness, empathy, engagement, and driving results.

Eligibility: only managers of managers, or front-line managers in a technical field and with a technical background, are eligible for 1:1 executive coaching. (Technical fields include engineering, science, healthcare, law, software, and construction.)

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Group Training

  • Cohort-based training with the executive present alongside their subordinate managers.
  • Creates a common understanding and language for working together effectively.
  • Modules from the Best Boss System are delivered based on group needs, fostering stronger relationships and teamwork across the organization.
Eligibility: only managers working directly underneath the reporting structure of a 1:1 executive coaching client are eligible to participate in group training.

Additional details about our coaching and training

We've spent two decades refining how to make you more effective in weeks, not months or years.

  • Action Based Instruction

    We teach behavior, plus just enough facts and theory to help it stick. No long lectures or memorizing.

  • Job Aids Provided

    Every module comes with appropriate cheat sheets, checklists, and other job aids, so you can do an excellent job, with minimal cognitive load.

  • Fast and Easy

    Adult learners need low stakes, a bit of fun, and rapid iterations. We're renowned for how well we do this.

  • Video, Audio, and Text

    We're constantly adding to our modules to make it as easy as possible for you to learn in your preferred style.

  • Emotionally Engaging

    Adult learners, in order to pay full attention, need to care about the content. We take the time to help each student connect their own unique "why" to each module. 

  • Safe Discomfort

    You'll never be made to feel unsafe (embarrassed or ashamed) in our modules -- but you'll routinely be pushed out of your comfort zone into the Zone of Optimal Learning.

What Our Clients Say About Us

"The results are astounding. Our leaders have more skills and the confidence they need to successfully lead their teams with accountability and trust. Performance is up, engagement is up, and the team is more productive and happy. Best leadership training money we've ever spent."

Amelia round headshot
Amelia Gardner, elected official, Utah County, Utah

"Our team is now an effective and efficient machine, working methodically to tackle each task at hand. We have structure and organization. We are building things, meeting people, and innovating. Tom's impact is enormous."

Johnathan Talik nike LI headshot
Johnathan Talik, Senior Design Engineer, Nike

"I had the privilege of hearing [Thomas] speak at a recent Rotary meeting, and I must say that he was one of the best speakers that I have ever heard, particularly on issues related to dealing positively with conflict."

john southgate
John Southgate, Strategic Partner, Cascadia Partners

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