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Daily Self Improvement – Enhanced Journaling

journaling-aaron-burden-CKlHKtCJZKk-unsplashGood habits get built slowly, strand by strand and thread by thread, into mightly cables. Good habits will lead you to ever greater success.

A good habit for self improvement is to journal at the end of each day.

A way to make it an even better write-up, and for it to help you improve further faster, is to include:

  1. Goals for that day (which you can write up as the day begins or the night before)
  2. A summary of the day past (just like in a normal journal)
  3. What went right — at least one thing that went as expected or better than expected
  4. What went wrong — at least one thing that went worse than expected
  5. What was the root cause of the most prominent Best and Worst of the day -- this guides future action

That can look like more work -- it’s really not, and it is significantly more helpful.